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Facebook / Social media marketing

Buy facebook likes – a waste of money and time

Most of the clients today have their own Facebook pages or fan pages to drive traffic and attract the audience. These clients buy facebook likes so that they are able to get more likes on their page thereby increasing the number. But in reality, buying likes is of no use […]

Facebook / Social media marketing

Energise the social marketing by getting more likes

Creative agencies and marketers can develop brand promotions on facebook. Computer-mediated tools that allowing people to create, share, exchange the various information, pictures, videos, ideas in virtual community or networks are social medias. With the availability of facebook even on mobile devices, users can continuously stay in touch with acquaintances, […]

Facebook / Social media marketing

Buy facebook likes – is it a scam or truth?

In the present scenario, most of the business owners are relying on the power of Facebook to promote their business. Social media has brought a huge revolution in the way business promotion is done. Earlier traditional methods were followed to reach the people but now social networking websites like Facebook […]