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Buy facebook likes – a waste of money and time

Most of the clients today have their own Facebook pages or fan pages to drive traffic and attract the audience. These clients buy facebook likes so that they are able to get more likes on their page thereby increasing the number. But in reality, buying likes is of no use as the users are fake and so are their likes. With such likes, you don’t have any positive effect on your business but can prove harmful. That is why it is better to drive the traffic naturally so that you are assured of the fact that people really show interest in your business. Buying likes is not only a waste of money but time as well, so keep yourself aloof from such approaches.

Here are some of the reasons that clearly state that buying likes is worthless.

  1. When you buy facebook likes, there is no engagement of the audience with your business. It is because of the simple fact that most of the users are fake who do not have any interest on what you post or share with them. This results in no engagement from their end which reduces their attention towards your business. Such a scenario is quite common when buying Facebook likes so it is mere a waste of time.
  2. If your fans or users do not show any engagement, there are chances that your edge rank may go down. Edge rank depends on the content that you share with the people, the number of likes it gets and the comments. When the users will be fake, they will not show any interest on what you post thereby bringing down the rank. Low edge rank means that Fscebook will consider your page to be unimportant which is not good for your business. So relying on such likes is not worth the effort.
  3. When it comes to generating sales, the fake users will not do so. It is because buying likes only results in quantity rather than quality. Mere having traffic is not good unless it is transformed into sales. So you can say that buying likes is not a good step for any business if quality is your first priority.
  4. No interaction on your page will result in losing the genuine fans who are seriously interested in your services. It is because the new users get attracted towards any page only if they come across interaction or if people are talking about it. Fake users will not engage in any interaction which will bring down the value of your page thereby affecting the brand value of your business too.

So rather than going for such unnatural approaches, it is better to promote your page among the friends and other people. This will result in better engagement and the people who like your page will also be real. When you will share any type of stuff, they will like it and post their comments which will be beneficial for your business. Therefore, spend on time in getting genuine users who will influence your sales.

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