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Face book fans: How to convert them into revenue

It is a well known fact that many companies have launched their own websites on the internet sphere to gain a foothold in the online business. Majority of entrepreneurs prefer to buy face book fans to build a readymade following because they are then able to connect to the prospective customers and provide comprehensive information about the services or the products.

If the number of face book fan increases but they do not want to avail services of the company, it can prove to be an exercise in futility from a business perspective. Community building effort is a vital activity but the ultimate objective is to sell the concept or the ideas to the customers. There are numerous strategies that could be used to convert the face book fan base into genuine buyers.

Engagement is the first step that would inculcate curiosity among the visitors. A one way transmission would distract the staunchest of the fans who might get bored with the download of information. Business owners can make the content more interesting by prompting direct call of action on the part of the users whenever a new product is launched. Although face book is a business platform but you should keep the interaction simple and informal with the visitors. Even if you buy face book fans, it is absolutely unethical to bombard them with advertisements as it would mean spamming. Instead by uploading photos, questions and interesting content, one can provide amazing opportunity to the users to interact with the business owners of the page. You can also try posting different contents on the page in order to find the likes and dislikes of the fan.

After building the rapport and brand awareness among the followers, it is time to divert the traffic to the real destination which is the targeted website. Content sharing at this stage doesn’t warrant interaction but the prospective customers might check the website to analyze the available products. Moreover, one can also embed a face book app on the page to collect the vital business leads without the users leaving social media environment.

In order to divert the traffic outside from the face book, you should incentivize the users with an offer of discount or a free e book so that people get value for their money when they buy the requisite item. While carrying out the promotional activity, it is important not to direct the users to sales page link.

Once you buy face book fans information, the email id in database is very useful because it is can be used to develop personal relationship with the customers. Hot leads can be sent email pertaining to the product information of the company. Moreover, sales messages could be broadcasted to the face book community ensuring adequate response from the interesting parties. It is important for the business owners to strike a harmony between the sales pitch and the interesting content on the face book.

Another approach to convert the face book fan into business leads is by sending email to the users that prompt them to check out the latest blogs or updates on the community page.

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