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Make your Lovely Pet Instagram Star with These Tips

It’s really fun to get loaded with pet photos and take Instagram by storm. It can really turn a boring and dull day into an awesome one. From rabbits to chinchillas to birds to pigs, and from dogs and gets to hedgehogs, pets add an ideal fodder to Instagram. Some pets have even grabbed the stardom in Instagram and their daily uploads rack up thousands and millions of followers worldwide.

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Create an Individual Account for Your Four-Legged

Several popular pets were the part of accounts of their owners, until these owners realized that everyone doesn’t want their feed loaded with cutest, latest antics. Maya Tuttle, owner of Richard Kitty with 120,000 followers, had been posting a lot of her photos on her own account. But some of her fans were not excited. So, she decided to create separate account of her pet. Now, his account is 50 times more popular than her.

Use Hashtag Well

Hashtags are considered to be the important part of Instagram culture. They are helpful for people find things which are interesting in a lot of photos. Pet lovers love t o find pets. It should be easier for them to find you. You can use some of the popular pet-based hashtags like #petsofinstagram, #pets, #dogsofinstagram, #dogs, #catsofinstagram, #cats etc.  Note what hashtags used by popular pets and use the same if they are relevant.

Use Quality Pictures

You cannot get anywhere on this photo-sharing platform with boring, blurry photos. You need to have good camera and some photography skills to shine on this app. A Persian cat, Snoopybabe has 271000 followers as her owners know how to do it right. From This Wild Idea, Theron Humphrey uses his unique capabilities to take amazing shots of his pet, Maddie and gained around 760,000 fans.

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Post Consistently

You have to give followers exactly what they want. It is known to be important for success on Instagram. You may take inspiration from Nala Cat that has 1.7 million followers. She has over 3475 posts. A lot of popular pets have great number of posts. This way, the pressure is going on to take a lot of amazing photos of your beautiful furry. You have to capture every moment possible through video or photo. It must not be a challenge for pet owners.

Be Friendly

You cannot find a like-minded, encouraging group of individuals than cat lovers. Most of the success on Instagram is based on engagement with your followers.




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